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My family and I bought a home from Pregstige Home Centers in Lake City Florida April 2010. We were new to North Florida and didn't know much about buying a home with land.

We found a home on five acres and Pete was the salesperson we spoke with. He said we could qualify after speaking with his boss Jim. We asked for them to take us out to the house/land and show us around. They gave us the key and we went ourselves but Jim promised to come out there with us.

We wanted the house/land and everything looked good. We inquired about the survey and Pete started to tell us that the land is fenced in. We looked on a website and were confused about the property we went back to Prestige and stated our concerns Jim informed us he would come out himself to show us around and that it was fenced in and the end of the land was behind the pond. Well he kept putting it off we signed papers and still kept asking him to come out.

Now he says that it is not his problem anymore. This sucks cause we do not know were our property ends on any side of us. There is no survey that we can find and it will cost us over 500 to get one.

They Lied To Sell Property and Didn't Live Up to their Part. We are Screwed Now

Monetary Loss: $700.

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What I am saying is they ripped me off to knowing they broke the law.My lawyer finally to confirm this ,had to write them a letter!

to Tomar8man #1463972

Was wondering who u got to be your lawyer. I too have a bunk house from prestige and could use some advice. Thanks

to Beth #1463974

* junk house


They are the worst company of nightmares! lol if there is such a thing!Look through website -search throughout- they broke the law and still won't admit the truth ,what a company huh!

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